What's a Joystick

The Joystick is a refreshingly flavoured electronic ‘vaping’ device, which contains no tobacco, no tar, no nicotine, no poisons or toxins, which are all found in cigarettes and traditional shisha. This is because what the Joystick produces isn’t smoke but an almost odourless steam-like vapour
How does it work?
When smoking traditional cigarettes or shisha you produce smoke by burning tobacco, this is what then creates the thousands of poisons and toxins, which can lead to serious health implications. The Joystick uses a small battery-powered element that heats the e liquid, which produces the vapour.
We currently have 9 refreshing flavours to chose from: Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry, Black Cherry, Bubblegum, Coconut and Mint Chocolate, all popular shisha flavours that we have carefully developed to ensure we supply you with the best ‘vaping’ experience.


Q - What are the benefits compared to traditional smoking?

A          - No Tar

            - No Nicotine

            - No Tobacco

            - Fire Safe

            - No lingering smell on your cloths or breathe

            - Cheaper


Q – Are Joystick’s bad for you?

A          - Compared to traditional cigarettes our products contain no toxins, Joysticks produce vapour which have no known health risks.


Q – How are Joysticks different to traditional cigarettes?

A          Our electronic cigarettes contain a small battery that operates an element, when inhaled this heat’s our flavoured e-liquid. When you inhale the heated e-liquid this creates the vapour.

           Traditional smoking is different as you are burning tobacco and inhaling harmful smoke, full of health threatening toxins.

           ‘Vaping’ is legal in most places whereas ‘Smoking’ is not. For example within a night club.


Q – Does it feel like traditional smoking?

A          Yes, the experience is very much like traditional smoking. The vapour is inhaled such as smoke would be, it even look's like smoke but tastes and smells like one of our amazing flavours! 


Q – How does a Joystick work?

A          Just take it out of the packaging & inhale! No charging required.  When you inhale a Joystick a small battery operates an electrical circuit to heat up our flavoured e-liquid into a vapour. You would inhale this and when exhaled it looks like smoke but with no harmful toxins, all pleasure. If the blue light starts flashing when you inhale, you are out of Joy & need to order more! Dispose of your Joystick safely & responsibly


Q – Are Joystick’s suitable for under 18 year olds

A          No


Q – Can you smoke a joystick if pregnant

A          Our products are not intended for pregnant or nursing women.


Q – What if I have allergies?

A          We would advise that you speak with your GP should you have any concerns or allergies to any component in the joystick.


Q – What are the ingredients?

A          There are only three key ingredient, these are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and a very small measure of flavouring. All of these ingredients are found in everyday foods.


Q – So what is Propylene Glycol

A          You can read all about it on Wikipedia. But in summary it is an odorless and colourless chemical used in everyday items such as cosmetics, toothpaste and even food items such as donuts. The U.S Food and Drug Administration list Propylene Glycol as ‘generally recognized as safe’ or (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive.


Q – How about Vegetable Glycerin?

A          In summary this is something found in foods that are usually lower in carbohydrates. This product is often used in place of alcohol in food extracts.

The Joystick Team